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For the finest in cuisine, come on down to Lomzynianka. Not only do we have great food, we also have a comfortable, cozy atmosphere. You’ll find a wide array of old world favorites. Check out the following pages for some of our specialties and then stop in today!



The small dining room has the look of authenticity that comes only from artificiality: brick wallpaper, plastic tablecloths, fake plants and a stag’s head with tinsel-draped antlers.



Main courses, generally rustic dishes of primary ingredient accented by a secondary flavoring, are too good.They arrive crisp and delicious but quickly lose their texture.

Casually sophisticated setting for cooking

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Have a beautiful smile with us

A beautiful smile can conquer the world. It does not matter if you forgot to put on makeup or you are still in your pyjamas, if your smile is captivating, you will always look beautiful. Learn what things you should start doing and what you should avoid so that you have enviable teeth without resorting to cosmetic dental treatments that, in addition to being excessively expensive, often weaken and mistreat your smile and its natural beauty.

What is orthodontics at Upper West Side Orthodontist NYC?

Orthodontics is an aesthetic odontological treatment that aims to restore the morphological and functional balance of the mouth and face. Orthodontics not only serves to straighten and align the teeth but it is also used to prevent and correct the alterations of the development, of the face, the position of the jaws, the shape of the arches and, above all, of the functional disorders of Chewing.

The goal of an Upper West Side Orthodontist NYC is to achieve the normality of each patient. Orthodontics seeks to create a functional and aesthetic balance by adjusting the teeth and jaws of each patient to their pattern of growth and development in a natural way.

When age orthodontics must be put?

Although it is usually associated with adolescence, there is no fixed age for orthodontic treatment; this will depend on the type of problem, when it appears and its severity. What is important is to make orthodontic revisions to children in order to keep track of their dental health and be able to perform preventive treatments to avoid more serious problems in the future. It is recommended at Upper West Side Orthodontist NYC to make the first revision by the orthodontist at approximately six years since it is at that age when the first definitive molars erupt. At that time the orthodontic specialist must ensure that later when the second permanent molars erupt, all the teeth will fit exactly where and how they should.

A child completes his permanent dentition between twelve and fourteen years of age (except the “wisdom teeth”) although, for different reasons and circumstances, the output of the final teeth may vary. Although these advances and delays should not be cause for concern, it is recommended to consult with the orthodontist to prevent possible future problems.

Upper West Side Orthodontist NYC treatments:

In Upper West Side Orthodontist NYC there are two types of treatments:

  1. Interceptive treatments: Oriented to the correction of incipient alterations, that is, to correct abnormal habits that can interfere in the regular growth pattern of the face and jaws, such as, for example, sucking the finger. These are treatments that are normally performed during the milk or mixed dentition.
  2. Corrective treatments: These are those aimed at correcting consolidated malocclusions. Although it is advisable to start these treatments between 10 and 12 years, more and more cases are treated in adults.

To perform a corrective treatment, the most common is to use one of these three types of devices that we have at Upper West Side Orthodontist NYC:

  1. Functional devices:

Are those that, as the name suggests, make changes in the functionalism of the system, correcting tooth or jaw displacement. They are orthopaedic devices that the patient can remove and that are used during temporary or mixed dentition.

Within the orthopaedic orthodontics, in addition to the functional apparatuses, there are other types of devices, the extraoral devices, which are those used when the growth of the face and jaws needs to be directed with forces that cannot be realized with another type of device. They are the extraoral anchor and the chin. To have an effect, it is necessary to use them the number of daily hours indicated by the orthodontist.

  1. Removable devices:

They are devices that, although the same patient can remove them, they are subject to the dental pieces, applying controlled pressures on the teeth to move them. They are used mainly for the expansion of the jaws, the correction of crossed bites and in some cases of crowding and tooth movements.

  1. Fixed appliances or brackets:

As for quality, they are the best option since they allow all kinds of movements for orthodontic correction. They are the only ones that can move each of the dental pieces, individually, in any direction. Although they are commonly called brackets, they are still one of the elements that make up this type of device.

Fixed apparatus or brackets

A fixed apparatus is formed by brackets, which are cemented on each tooth and which are connected with ligatures to a wire arch. The position of the bracket and the shape of the arch are controlled by the orthodontist, so that controlled pressures are applied to each tooth to bring them to the desired position. Sometimes it is necessary to use elastics or intermaxillary gums to perform some dental movement or move the jaws. The brackets can be metallic or ceramic.

Ceramic or aesthetic brackets are the colour of tooth enamel, which makes orthodontic treatment more imperceptible.

  • Dental malposition: in horizontal or vertical movements of dental pieces, when the crown or root of the piece is displaced.
  • Rotating teeth: it is the only type of apparatus with which rotational movements can be made. – Closing spaces: you can close the interdental spaces by moving the entire tooth (crown and root) and place it in parallel to the adjacent pieces.
  • Relation of incisors: they allow making angular corrections of the position of the incisors.
  • Multiple movements: they allow controlling the position of several teeth or groups of teeth at the same time and in both jaws. They also allow performing all kinds of movements at once (rotation, tilt, apical) and apply intermaxillary or extraoral forces.

The retention

Once the treatment with fixed appliances is finished at Upper West Side Orthodontist NYC, it is necessary to use retention devices to prevent the teeth from returning to their previous position. With the retainers, the teeth remain in place until the maxillary bones and gums adapt to the change that has occurred in the mouth.

All about the HOBART HANDLER 190

Of the many welding techniques that there are not, hobart handler 190 is one of the most sought-after probably next to SMAW (stick welding). This allows a good job opportunity for hobart handler 190 welders. But, like any other method, the technique also comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Are here:

Make repairs of items or machinery in the home or business is very necessary, so have a welding equipment among their tools, to use it in these cases, will be very useful, however it is not so easy to handle it; next we will show you what welding is and some advantages of using it, so that it starts with the bases of these tasks and can eventually develop them perfectly and with quality professional equipment.

Welding is one of the most used techniques in the entire construction and industry sector. That is why there is a lot of interest that specialized people have in welding equipment and its novelties. A machine capable of creating huge structures and that has given so much to this country and of which little has been said. Next, we are going to tell you why you should buy welding equipment and what to use it for.

What are the welding tools for?

Welding is nothing more than creating a structure from two or more pieces. So simple is the theory, practice requires more concentration and a team or know how to manage and calibrate these precision machines so that the final result is optimal. In this way, everything has its process, and that of welding is none other than melting a metal, or plastic, and that serves as a union between two pieces, something to which we are accustomed to seeing either in factories or in the works.

Advantages of welding equipment

There are many advantages and benefits of using these tools, and more are the applications that can be given. If we look closely at a structure where melts and solders predominate we can highlight their finishes. The finishes in the construction that have been made with this welding equipment are more accurate, solid and more attractive to the eye than those that can be made with screws or other tools.

The aesthetic aspect is not the only characteristic of these elements of construction. Perhaps two of its basic pillars that make these tools the symbol in every construction industry are the following qualifiers: efficiency and durability. The welding equipment is efficient because of its speed of use and the result it gives, a result that holds up in time as the most.

What is welding?

It is the process of joining materials, through which it is necessary to melt the bonding zones with the application of heat. With the use of welding, really strong joints can be made. With the welding, metal surfaces such as nuts, fittings, bits or plastic elements can be joined. Welded assembly is called the joining parts.

Advantages of welding

Welded joints are ductile and able to withstand shocks and vibrations, therefore, for work of metal is necessary to rely on, welding masks and many other protection tools and manuals. It is capable of joining metals whose sections differ markedly. It offers protection against leaks, so it serves to join pipes, liquid gases or a steel cable as it resists large efforts. Welding provides good electrical conductivity, so it was also ideal for power installations. The welded joints present a uniform appearance, with smooth and clean edges. The joints are permanent and become one piece, stable, fixed and powerful. It is an economical and very efficient material, which makes it ideal for generating unions and large capacity. Welding is not only limited to the factory segment or workshops but in the field, it can also be done with portable equipment. The welded joint can become much stronger when using original materials.

It does not take time to start exercising pressure. Carry out repairs and welding jobs, one of the best materials on the market to join resistant parts. In World of Screws, we have over 30 years providing our materials customers, equipment and tools hardware with high-quality standards, so we recommend our products and guarantee that the work done with them, be magnificent, thanks to the components and the business vision that we have, in search of satisfying the needs of all, always offering the best. In spite of its incredible functions, it is necessary to consider the materials that will protect your body during the process you will also find safety equipment for these and other tasks, as well as modern and functional machinery equipment and we advise you to choose the most suitable element for the work and material you wish to unite in a professional manner.


HOBART HANDLER 190 welding has its own advantages that make it perfect and more convenient in select situations. Here is a list of them:

Non-consumable electrode

Other methods, such as the SMAW welding rod also known as makes use of consumable electrodes. This is also good in some way. However, the welder must interrupt his work, from time to time, to replace the bar to a satisfactory term. This can have an impact on the quality of the finished product. On the other hand, use a different hobart handler 190 arc with a non-consumable electrode, which allows continuous work and, resulting in an impeccable finish.

With or without filler metal

There is also a good amount of versatility by hobart handler 190 welders. For example, they can work with a consumable metal filler to create weld filler. This is convenient for many uses. However, there are situations in which weld filler is not necessary, as in the case of autogenous welds.

Good for non-ferrous metals

For beginners, it seems natural that welding should work for all types of metals. But this is not the case. By the turn of the 20th century, the welding of non-ferrous metals or non-iron-based metals is a very difficult task. HOBART HANDLER 190 welders, on the other hand, can work with these metals without a problem. It is about non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium, copper and magnesium.

The Best Cuisine In The World

As long as we have great moms who still prefer homecooked food, there will always be issues as to who cooks the best. Though all of us have varying tastes with regard to food, cooking practices and sentiments, we have one thing in common, and that is food. The debate goes on a larger scale when we compare the food habits and tastes of different countries to find out who is the best. Even before we can start, I would like to tell you that there is no favoritism and the list is in no particular order. We are here going to list the top 3 countries in the world with the best cuisine. So let’s get started

Italian Cuisine:

Glancing through various sites, we had the privilege of finding out that the Italian Cuisine tops all the lists with regard to the best cuisines in the world. Putting aside the regional differences that we have, even people around the world love Italian dishes. Italian dishes are famous all around the world and that itself stands as a testimony to the delicious food items that the Italian Cuisine can cater.

French Cuisine:

Through many other countries like Thailand and Mexico compete closely for the second position, the French cuisine is quite renowned across the globe. You will hardly find people who hate the French Cuisine, and we have reasons for that as well. Unlike the cooking culture that we have in most regions, the French cuisine is quite predictable and is distinguishable. Also, at the same time, it is possible for the person to choose from a wide range of options. Though these reasons are quite enough to prove our ranking, the best part about the French cuisine is that it has been the backbone of many other cuisines across the globe. Maybe that is why all of us love the French cuisine, as it is quite relocatable.

Indian Cuisine:

If there is one thing that is the whole world is fond of in India is the Indians are different from one another but still stand under the same roof. The Indian Cuisine is not an exception to it. The nation can be divided into more than 25 large portions, and each sector has its own way of cooking. Though there are a lot of dishes that range from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, the states that form the northern and southern tips, we still feel proud in calling all these dished Indian. Above all, despite being a nation with umpteen number of flavors and dishes, the Indian food can be recognized by any person across the world. People across the world even know certain dishes by name. That’s what makes Indian cuisine rank better.

Global Cuisine:

This one is a bonus. I simply can’t get over the excitement and decided to add it to the list once I knew about it. There is something called the Global cuisine. Most of us do not care to add it to the list. A global cuisine is something that has a set of dishes that are practiced or eaten globally. This means certain dishes taste the same whether it’s American or Mexican or Thai. A lot of dishes that were once primitive or rather regional went on to become global dishes later. This is how the global cuisine came into existence. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

Top 7 Most Popular Ethnic Cuisines in the US

As people grow old, it is quite natural that the love to stick to their native food. The system works better when you consume dishes that you are accustomed to. But when it comes to measuring the food cravings of a population, statisticians probably pick the population that falls within the ripe age of probably 18 to 40. That is, in fact, the age that craves for food. In case if you belong to a particular region it is quite natural that you prefer a different cuisine or at least something that is not a part of your native. Sticking to the US people, we are here going to make the list of top 10 cuisines that the US people crave for.

Chinese Cuisine:

Come on you are not supposed to be shocked. What, were you expecting the American cuisine to top the list? That is probably not happening. It is the Chinese cuisine that most Americans crave for. Chinese on the other hand is a global cuisine, and the US nationals aren’t an exception to it


To see the Mexican cuisine on the list is quite convincing. At least you have one cuisine, in the first few places, that is partly American. Mexican dishes are always exciting. It, in fact, is one of the dishes that is preferred globally just like the 74% of the Americans.


This is probably because of envy, as Italian dishes take the first place in the global platform. There is a recent study that states more than 65% to 70% of the US Nationals prefer the Italian cuisine. But even then I will not say that the Italian cuisine has gone too much off the ladder. Only with the difference of 3 to 4% Italian dishes still, stand to be the best.

Japanese Cuisine:

When it comes to the Americans liking the Japanese, they are quite narrow, and the same happens in food as well. When I say Japanese, you are not allowed to imagine Japanese cuisine as a whole. It is only the Sushi that more than 40% of the Americans prefer, even on a regular basis.

Greek Cuisine:

About 32% of the Americans like Greek cuisine as well. That is quite interesting as close to half of the population fall under this category. One good reason as to why Americans love Greek cuisine is that they have a quite similar taste and the choice of ingredients also falls in line.

French Cuisine:

If we have to take the whole world as one population then probably the French might fall within the top three positions but not when we slice the population and stick to the Americans. But still, about 25% that is one-fourth of the population craves for French Cuisine.


Thai cuisine is quite close to the Chinese cuisine, but only 24% of the Americans love it. But we have to be glad that at least the Thai cuisine has managed to grab a place for itself on the top 10 list.



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