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The small dining room has the look of authenticity that comes only from artificiality: brick wallpaper, plastic tablecloths, fake plants and a stag’s head with tinsel-draped antlers.



Main courses, generally rustic dishes of primary ingredient accented by a secondary flavoring, are too good.They arrive crisp and delicious but quickly lose their texture.

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The Best Cuisine In The World

As long as we have great moms who still prefer homecooked food, there will always be issues as to who cooks the best. Though all of us have varying tastes with regard to food, cooking practices and sentiments, we have one thing in common, and that is food. The debate goes on a larger scale when we compare the food habits and tastes of different countries to find out who is the best. Even before we can start, I would like to tell you that there is no favoritism and the list is in no particular order. We are here going to list the top 3 countries in the world with the best cuisine. So let’s get started

Italian Cuisine:

Glancing through various sites, we had the privilege of finding out that the Italian Cuisine tops all the lists with regard to the best cuisines in the world. Putting aside the regional differences that we have, even people around the world love Italian dishes. Italian dishes are famous all around the world and that itself stands as a testimony to the delicious food items that the Italian Cuisine can cater.

French Cuisine:

Through many other countries like Thailand and Mexico compete closely for the second position, the French cuisine is quite renowned across the globe. You will hardly find people who hate the French Cuisine, and we have reasons for that as well. Unlike the cooking culture that we have in most regions, the French cuisine is quite predictable and is distinguishable. Also, at the same time, it is possible for the person to choose from a wide range of options. Though these reasons are quite enough to prove our ranking, the best part about the French cuisine is that it has been the backbone of many other cuisines across the globe. Maybe that is why all of us love the French cuisine, as it is quite relocatable.

Indian Cuisine:

If there is one thing that is the whole world is fond of in India is the Indians are different from one another but still stand under the same roof. The Indian Cuisine is not an exception to it. The nation can be divided into more than 25 large portions, and each sector has its own way of cooking. Though there are a lot of dishes that range from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, the states that form the northern and southern tips, we still feel proud in calling all these dished Indian. Above all, despite being a nation with umpteen number of flavors and dishes, the Indian food can be recognized by any person across the world. People across the world even know certain dishes by name. That’s what makes Indian cuisine rank better.

Global Cuisine:

This one is a bonus. I simply can’t get over the excitement and decided to add it to the list once I knew about it. There is something called the Global cuisine. Most of us do not care to add it to the list. A global cuisine is something that has a set of dishes that are practiced or eaten globally. This means certain dishes taste the same whether it’s American or Mexican or Thai. A lot of dishes that were once primitive or rather regional went on to become global dishes later. This is how the global cuisine came into existence. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

Top 7 Most Popular Ethnic Cuisines in the US

As people grow old, it is quite natural that the love to stick to their native food. The system works better when you consume dishes that you are accustomed to. But when it comes to measuring the food cravings of a population, statisticians probably pick the population that falls within the ripe age of probably 18 to 40. That is, in fact, the age that craves for food. In case if you belong to a particular region it is quite natural that you prefer a different cuisine or at least something that is not a part of your native. Sticking to the US people, we are here going to make the list of top 10 cuisines that the US people crave for.

Chinese Cuisine:

Come on you are not supposed to be shocked. What, were you expecting the American cuisine to top the list? That is probably not happening. It is the Chinese cuisine that most Americans crave for. Chinese on the other hand is a global cuisine, and the US nationals aren’t an exception to it


To see the Mexican cuisine on the list is quite convincing. At least you have one cuisine, in the first few places, that is partly American. Mexican dishes are always exciting. It, in fact, is one of the dishes that is preferred globally just like the 74% of the Americans.


This is probably because of envy, as Italian dishes take the first place in the global platform. There is a recent study that states more than 65% to 70% of the US Nationals prefer the Italian cuisine. But even then I will not say that the Italian cuisine has gone too much off the ladder. Only with the difference of 3 to 4% Italian dishes still, stand to be the best.

Japanese Cuisine:

When it comes to the Americans liking the Japanese, they are quite narrow, and the same happens in food as well. When I say Japanese, you are not allowed to imagine Japanese cuisine as a whole. It is only the Sushi that more than 40% of the Americans prefer, even on a regular basis.

Greek Cuisine:

About 32% of the Americans like Greek cuisine as well. That is quite interesting as close to half of the population fall under this category. One good reason as to why Americans love Greek cuisine is that they have a quite similar taste and the choice of ingredients also falls in line.

French Cuisine:

If we have to take the whole world as one population then probably the French might fall within the top three positions but not when we slice the population and stick to the Americans. But still, about 25% that is one-fourth of the population craves for French Cuisine.


Thai cuisine is quite close to the Chinese cuisine, but only 24% of the Americans love it. But we have to be glad that at least the Thai cuisine has managed to grab a place for itself on the top 10 list.



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